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Now Open for Reading, Leeds and V Festivals

Written on Mon 09 Jul 2012

Scarlet Mist is now open for buying and selling tickets for major Summer festivals including Leeds, Reading and V Festival, via our ethical, fan to fan exchange. We’ve disallowed this until now as a precautionary measure as most genuine fan to fan ticket transactions are more likely to occur in the run up to events, rather than immediately after tickets go on sale for the first time. 

If you are interested in buying or selling tickets to Leeds, Reading, V Festival and others then now is the time to do it.  Be careful buying and selling tickets for these festivals, as historically they have always attracted most fraudsters.  If you are not meeting in person please use the escrow service, which is the only way to guarantee you wont be ripped off.

We want to allow users to buy and sell tickets without profit, safely removed from the murky world of ticket touts and the profiteering of the secondary ticketing market.


Comments on 'Now Open for Reading, Leeds and V Festivals'

Please post any more sales on the relevant pages, not here.

It looks as if some of this summer’s festivals will not sell out, so the prices for spare tickets is bound to drop.

You will find it easier to sell your tickets if you pick a price, rather than holding out for offers.

Posted by Scarlet Mist Admin on 08 Aug 2012      Report abuse or inappropriate comments
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