Scarlet Mist - Ticket Exchange

Scarlet Mist is closed.

With deep regret I have had to close Scarlet Mist.
I've been running it more or less single-handledly for the past eleven years, as a part-time hobby whilst doing my day-job as a hospital doctor. It has been fun to run it, and it has been a useful service.
Unfortunately my wife is now disabled and I need to devote more time to caring for her and my family.
Ticket touts and the secondary ticket market is here to stay. There is very little political will to address it, money talks in this world.
I am very sorry to those of you who have been hit by fraudsters. I've tried everything I can to stop them, but I cannot do enough to protect you.
I'd be interested in finding anyone who wants to develop the site and use the knowledge and expertise that I have developed, but I don't have time any more for the day to day running.
Thanks to all of you for your support and kind wishes. I'm really going to miss you.

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