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Calexico at Manchester Bridgewater Hall on November 20 2019 -- [1] tickets available

There are [1] tickets currently available for Calexico at Manchester Bridgewater Hall on November 20 2019

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Bill Dixon 2 tickets 35.00 pounds Straight sale.
Not considering Scarlet Mate
Selling not swapping.
Instant Sale.
Will accept first offer
Seller Comments:- 2 good Tickets for Calexico performing with Iron & Wine on Nov 20, Choir Circle Row A. Double booked that evening.
Seller may be able to meet you at the venue.
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Manchester Bridgewater Hall
November 20 2019
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Live Nation confesses - we supply tickets to touts
Government tout report step in the right direction
Secondary Market (thats touts) *still* breaking the law

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