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General Conditions

Scarlet Mist exists as a service to introduce buyers and seller. We promise absolutely nothing about the tickets that are being sold. We do not know the person you are dealing with and we can give no assurances about them nor about the tickets.
Ticket sales made through Scarlet Mist are not legally binding, and you can change your mind if the person you are dealing with seems dodgy or dishonest. We ask you to notify us if this happens, so that we can consider whether or not to ban them from the site in future.
Buying tickets from an unauthorised seller is risky. The risks include forgeries, scams, rip-offs, disagreements between the two of you and unpleasant itchy diseases. There may be other risks. We can take no responsibility for any loss, damage or inconvenience that may occur as a consequence of using this website.
We do not sell the tickets ourselves. We merely introduce buyers and sellers to one another; the sale (or re-sale) does not take place through us. We are not a "Secondary Ticketing Facility" as set out in the Consumer Rights Act 2015. We urge buyers and sellers to contact each other and clarify the details of the ticket before a sale takes place.
We cannot promise that you can either buy or sell a ticket through this site. We do not know if/when tickets will be bought or sold for any particular event.
We give no assurance that the service we provide will be available at all times.
We allow users to provide details of themselves, including their age, likes/dislikes etc, but we have no way to check whether what they''ve written is true and we can not be held responsible if they have told porky pies. We will try and correct any mistruths that we hear about.
We encourage you to upload a photograph of yourself. We will show the photo to any person you are buying or selling a ticket from. You can choose whether or not to display your photo alongside tickets that you are selling, and whether or not to send your photo to anyone you are offering to buy a ticket from. We insist that you own the copyright on any photos that you upload, and by uploading a photo you are confirming that you own the copyright. We will remove any photos that break this restriction, and we will also remove any photos that we think are too rude, inappropriate or not suitable.
We request that anyone buying a ticket through this site make a donation to one of the charities we support or indeed to Scarlet Mist as we are run solely by volunteers, your money will go towards our costs in hosting the website. We leave the precise sum to your discretion.

Festivals, gigs and events

We are not promoters of the gigs or festivals, and we rely heavily on our users to submit the details of particular events. We do not check every submission. If an event is listed here, we do not promise that it will actually take place.

Restrictions of Use

We expect tickets to trade hands at their face value (including necessary booking fees/expenses) or below. We do not permit tickets to trade hands at inflated prices.
We reserve the right to ban individual users who we consider have abused the system. We also reserve the right to ban groups of users, domains, ISPs and even entire towns, at our sole discretion.

Privacy and Confidentiality

We will not post your personal details (name/phone/email) on the site for the general public to see. We will pass some of your personal details to anybody who you agree to buy or sell a ticket from.
If we are made aware of fraudulent ticket sales or other possible criminal activity as a result of using this site, we will pass any information that we have to the police and/or other appropriate authorities.
We keep logs of user activity for security purposes.
Third parties may be placing and reading cookies on your browser, or using web beacons to collect information, in the course of ads being served on this site. We use cookies to track users (including Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting) and also to facilitate security. You can not use the site unless you agree to this.

Copyright and Trade Mark Information

All the text and software is copyright (c) 2003-17. It cannot be copied or reproduced without our express written permission. Scarlet Mist is a registered Trade Mark.

Relations to other Companies

Scarlet Mist is independent. In particular, we are not formally linked or endorsed by any of the festivals, bands or events. However, we may accept paid advertising for some of the links on the site.
Scarlet Mist Ltd Company number 06060903

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Once you have responded to the email then your account will be active and you can buy and sell tickets in the Mist.
Live Nation confesses - we supply tickets to touts
Government tout report step in the right direction
Secondary Market (thats touts) *still* breaking the law

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