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TOUT OUT! End The Plague Of Secondary Ticketing

Written on Wed 09 Jul 2014

TOUT OUT! End The Plague Of Secondary Ticketing

Responsible department: Department for Culture, Media and Sport

This petition calls on the government to make illegal the re-sale of tickets to cultural events for profit. The findings of the 2007 Select Committee on the benefits of the secondary ticketing market in the UK are not, for the most part, in question. However, the suggestion that competition (in the secondary market) leads to lower prices for consumers is absurd and quite incendiary. Regrettably, it is now inevitable that ‘big’ cultural events sell out in a matter of minutes on the primary market only to appear for re-sale on the secondary market at obscene mark-up. This parasitical practice is wholly exploitative: in an era when pressure mounts on governments worldwide to pass anti-piracy laws, NOTHING is being done to prevent big business and private individuals from ‘ripping off’ performers and YOU, the fan, for THEIR OWN material gain. Enough is enough.



Comments on 'TOUT OUT! End The Plague Of Secondary Ticketing'

I fully support this campaign. The rise in parasitic ticket resale sites must be curbed. The laws relating to ticket touting outside venues must be applied to resale sites that buy up tickets then resale at obscene prices.

Posted by castra58 on 06 Jul 2014      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

Ticket touts outside venues are justifiably labelled as low life but when sellers do the same via Ebay or similar this is seen as ‘ok’. Just as bad. It must be made illegal.
How do Ticketmaster get away that sister site touting tickets? Just wrong.

Posted by Jackofalltrades on 21 Jul 2014      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

Can everybody please share this on social media. Together we can rid the UK of these scumbags.

Posted by Auldgoth on 14 Oct 2014      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

What I want to know is how touts end up with so many tickets when you can only get a certain amount at a time when they first appear. This sounds too much like an inside job to me where promoters or venues give under the table tickets to touts to sell. Otherwise this wouldn’t be such a widespread problem. I think there are those on the inside who have unprecedented access and must be clamped down on.

Posted by dj619 on 22 Oct 2014      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

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