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Live Nation confesses - we supply tickets to touts

Written on Wed 07 Dec 2016

People have whispered it for ages. Now its been confirmed. Promoters Live Nation - owners of Ticketmaster, GetMein and Seatwave - have confessed to supplying hundreds of tickets directly to ticket touts.

The revelation was made in an Italian TV documentary investigating touts. An undercover reporter traced a ticket as its price increased from €50 to €1,050. An anonymous employee claimed that the practice is widespread throughout the industry.

The company is very coy about how many tickets it passes directly to touts, though you can read their full statement on Music Week.

Scarlet Mist believes that there needs to be greater transparency in the ticket market, so that bands can decide whether to stick with promoters who support the touts.


Comments on 'Live Nation confesses - we supply tickets to touts'

Read the article in the link. It annoys me when they say only a ‘handful’ of a ‘few hundred tickets’ were ever skimmed off and sold at markup on those secondary sites. The principle remains that they shouldn’t do it with ANY NUMBER of tickets!

Posted by dj619 on 07 Dec 2016      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

Not sure if this has been shared here.

Robbie Williams’s management team is placing tickets directly on to resale ticketing websites at higher prices, the Victoria Derbyshire show has found.
Ie:music put tickets for Williams’s 2017 tour on Get Me In and Seatwave - in one case for £65 more, before fees, than a similar ticket on Ticketmaster.
The company has previously called on the government to take stronger action against resale sites.
Ie:music has not responded to repeated requests for a statement.
Ticketmaster, which owns Get Me In and Seatwave, said the tickets - which it describes as “platinum” tickets - on the sites were “priced according to demand, in consultation with our clients, the event organisers”.


Posted by Mainy on 03 Feb 2017      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

Oops. Sorry. I can see you said seated in the email. Ignore my offer. Cheers.

Posted by Milo on 21 Aug 2017      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

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Live Nation confesses - we supply tickets to touts
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