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Secondary Market (thats touts) *still* breaking the law

Written on Tue 24 May 2016

The investigators at Which? have found numerous examples of tickets being sold in breach of the Consumer Rights Act.

Posing as sellers, they found that the law was regularly broken by the main four secondary sites. The information that buyers need to make decisions was not given.

Which? director of policy and campaigns Alex Neill said: ‘We’ve found evidence of tickets being sold unlawfully. This means people will struggle to find basic information on tickets, such as face value and seat location. ‘It is clear the protections put in place by the Consumer Rights Act aren’t being followed by some of the biggest players in the market, and no action is being taken against them.

You can read the full article here.


Comments on 'Secondary Market (thats touts) *still* breaking the law'

Is this surprising? The law that illegalised football ticket touting was introduced in 1994 and touts have been breaking it since, with little and often no action being taken against them.

Everything seems to point to the same happening for music, should touting be made illegal: higher prices, even dodgier individuals/sites involved, less “protection” (this is said with irony and contempt).

All seems a bit futile…starting to find the whole thing very depressing!

Posted by ubamor01 on 25 May 2016      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

people are buying tickets and within an hour are putting them on sell on sites at ridiculous mark up prices. that is not having a genuine reason for selling, it is touting. about time it was stopped or at least regulated. they are pricing real fans out of seeing the artists they love to make a quick buck.

Posted by metalman on 07 Aug 2016      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

What about Ticketmaster and their subsidiary Getmein (a touting site, if ever there was one)?

Don’t even get me started on ‘booking fees’... a total rip off.

Posted by otisbd on 15 Dec 2016      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

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Secondary Market (thats touts) *still* breaking the law

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