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Kate Bush tickets - only sellable 5 weeks in advance

Written on Mon 31 Mar 2014

We are very concerned about the possibility of Fraudulent sales for Kate Bush tickets. We have therefore introduced a restriction that will only permit them to be traded in the five weeks before the concerts.

We appreciate that this will be an inconvenience to some people, but we are worried that the huge unmet demand to see her will prove too much of a temptation to scammers and crooks who want to make an easy “sale”.

Please also remember that there are restrictions on entry for these events, and that you will need to meet the ticket seller at the gig in person. And please also remember to never ever send money to a stranger by bank transfer or similar. We do provide an escrow service which will protect you if you cannot meet face-to-face; we provide this to you as a service and we don’t take any profit from these transactions.


Comments on 'Kate Bush tickets - only sellable 5 weeks in advance'

As a newbie to Scarletmist can someone confirm whether the 5 week rule applies to swap requests?
I have two tickets for KB on 3rd Sept but can’t attend. I know I could sell them but want to see her so I’m after a swap with another user

Posted by Washy47 on 01 Apr 2014      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

The rule applies to all sales - swaps included.

We’re sorry if this creates problems but we feel we do need to take extra steps for these very popular events.

Posted by Scarlet Mist Admin on 01 Apr 2014      Report abuse or inappropriate comments
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