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New Shadow Minister Opposes Touts

Written on Thu 17 Sep 2015

Michael Dugher, the new Shadow secretary of state for culture, media and sport appointed this week, is supportive of plans to clamp down on ticket touts.

Earlier this year there was a debate in Parliament for a bill to restrict ticket touts. Michael called on the Government to introduce proposals to prevent the bulk-purchase of thousands of sports and music tickets and he voted in favour of these proposals in the House of Commons on 12 January. Unfortunately the proposed change in the law was defeated by the Government.

The vote had followed an open letter to the Government from prominent bands and figures in the music and sports sectors including South Yorkshire’s Arctic Monkeys, international rock band Iron Maiden and the Rugby Football Union, calling for action against ticket touts.

Mr Dugher, who is Labour MP for Barnsley East, wrote on his website that “As a keen sports and music fan myself, I’m sure people in Barnsley will be very disappointed that the Government has ruled out action to tackle ticket touting. It is incredibly frustrating for fans to be unable to buy tickets to see their favourite events when they go on sale and then have to pay massively inflated prices if they still wish to go. I voted to protect fans interests but this Government is only interested in standing up for a privileged few.

Scarlet Mist supports changing the law to make it harder for touts to exploit fans, and we hope he will use his new position to make this a reality.


Comments on 'New Shadow Minister Opposes Touts'

What was even more disgusting was my beloved Tottenham Hotspur decided to partner with StubHub for resale of match tickets!! Just that action alone discredits any sports organisation saying they oppose resale of sports event tickets as they’re partnering up with the very type of business they’re trying to keep under control.

Posted by dj619 on 17 Sep 2015      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

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