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But apparently they are doing us a favour ...

Written on Thu 26 Nov 2015

Another wee personal message from Niall.

So, this morning I got my ticket for the Cure at Wembley Arena for December 2016 after frantically filling out my details in the on-line presale, with shaking hands because I was a tad excited about the prospect of getting a ticket, despite the fact the gig being over a year away!  I can now relax, or so I thought!  I am now shaking with annoyance and frustration rather than excitement…

Out of curiosity I had a look on Viagogogotof*ck.. surely they wont have tickets, it’s the presale today!.. Once more, within minutes there are 100+ (and growing) tickets for Manchester ranging from £90 to £199, 200+ tickets (and growing) for London ranging from £75 to £273 (My ticket cost me a fairly reasonable £58 including booking and postage!!!) Once again the ticket resale machine will have you believe that these are genuine resale tickets, offered by honest punters and you are paying extra for the security and protection they offer… security and protection appears to be very expensive these days!  They will try to convince you once again that they do not condone inflated resale prices! They will have you believe that masses of people got up this morning, joined the online queue, got their tickets then realised they couldn’t go to a gig 12 months away so put them up for resale!!!... Call me cynical but…!!

This is not ticket resale!  These are primary ticket sales and this is what new government legislation should be tackling.  Clarity is what they promised and as far as we are concerned, the distinction between the Primary Market and the Secondary Market has to be clarrified.  Most of us are not as gullible!  We know when we are being conned and we know when we are being lied to!

I’m off to have a coffee and as my good friend has just told me, “calm the f*ck down”...it may take a wee while!



Comments on 'But apparently they are doing us a favour ...'

I just been on ticket factory site and they still have tickets for Wembley Arena

Posted by Baldymanbryh on 26 Nov 2015      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

Also Manchester as well tickets

Posted by Baldymanbryh on 26 Nov 2015      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

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