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But I thought Ticketmaster owned many of those secondary sites?

Written on Mon 07 Dec 2015

We were asked an interesting question on Facebook today about one of the many news stories relating to the stance team Adele have taken on the subject of tickets being sold on the secondary market.

“But I thought Ticketmaster owned many of those secondary sites? - Adele tickets bought from touts will be cancelled”

http://metro.co.uk/2015/12/07/adele-tickets-bought-from-touts-will-be-cancelled-5549399/#4633134293001 via @MetroUK

Adele tickets bought from touts will be cancelled.

That’s what makes this one interesting.  The stance taken is that all tickets sold on will be zapped.  This will mean that all tickets sold through all resale sites, including those owned by or associated with the primary ticket sale companies, will be zapped.  It may also include Scarlet Mist and the other ticket exchange sites (not to be confused with ticket resale sites) We imagine that any tickets bought at face value that are sold legitimately at face value close to the event, can be identified by the system so may not be zapped but only team Adele can confirm that.  Those bought at face value and being sold for profit will be zapped Tickets sourced for less than face value, and sold at face value are being touted so should also be zapped so hopefully the system will also identify those tickets too.

This is why we talk about making the pedigree of tickets known, so everyone, from artist to fan, knows exactly where the tickets come from and how much has been paid.. A bit like a car log book

This could be a game changer, but only time will tell ✌️


Comments on 'But I thought Ticketmaster owned many of those secondary sites?'

Exchange sites are the way forwards.  It’s about time these resale sites were stopped.

Posted by Pughga on 13 Feb 2016      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

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