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Return of scammer Liam McMahon

Written on Thu 18 Feb 2016

In 2014 a scammer named Liam McMahon was jailed for 28 months for persistently selling fraudulent tickets. We hoped that spending time at Her Majesty’s Pleasure would somehow act as a deterrent to him from offending again.

So we were stunned to be contacted by a Scarlet Mist user who told us that he had been defrauded by someone named Liam McMahon (naturally he was scamming using a made-up name, and he’s even hiding behind the name Rachel, perhaps to make himself appear more credible).

And we were even more stunned to find that the bank account that he’s using (Sortcode: 11-73-61 Account No: 06168067) is the same one that he was using before he was scammed. Does anyone at Halifax bank take notice of this?

You can see what he looks like if you check his Whatsapp picture (his number is 07495234551) or you can look at his mugshot at http://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/10986766.One_Direction_and_Olly_Murs_fans_targeted_by_ticket_scammer/

As always, Scarlet Mist will be cooperating with the police and other authorities to rid our community of scammers. And while people like this are on the prowl then we urge you to take care.

Following communication between Scarlet Mist and Halifax, they are now carrying out their own investigations.


Comments on 'Return of scammer Liam McMahon'

I’ve just been scammed out of 65 pound great

Posted by Dannysparx on 20 Feb 2016      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

He’s not just a scammer, if you read that link he had indecent images of children on his computer as well which is far worse.

Posted by doc savage on 09 Mar 2016      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

He’s recently done me over stone roses but I haven’t phoned the cops yet

Posted by Whoopding on 13 Mar 2016      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

Out of pocket for Catfish tickets that obviously never appeared. 

Who do I report this to…my local police??

Hope this bastard rots in hell!!!!

Posted by Nell_81 on 31 Mar 2016      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

I was scammed by him a few years back for festival tickets, I still have the emails he sent me. It’s a very consolation that I wasn’t the only one he fooled. Absolute scumbag.

Posted by CorcaighAbu on 13 Apr 2016      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

He also operates as

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Posted by Scarlet Mist Admin on 20 Apr 2016      Report abuse or inappropriate comments



Currently living in Birmingham.

Posted by Dillydill on 23 Jul 2016      Report abuse or inappropriate comments


Also he is saying that he is selling this tv which is for collection…presumably from his ACTUAL address!!

Posted by Dillydill on 23 Jul 2016      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

Stiffed me here in Nov 19 under User Name Blackmagicpunks using name Liam Tobias Elba.

Posted by longhotsummer on 18 Dec 2019      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

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