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Fraudster has been charged by Mersey Police

Written on Thu 15 Dec 2011

In July we had a number of complaints from users that they had been defrauded by a ‘seller’ of Adele tickets. This rogue was using different email addresses and names, which made it harder to trace him, but his greed and stupidity gave him away.

We were delighted to receive an email today from Mersey Police:-

Just wanted to give you a quick update in relation to offences of fraudulent ticket sales on your website Scarletmist.  Due to your assistance all the victims that you gave me details for were willing to give evidence and assist.  The male offender has now been arrested and interviewed in relation to 9 x Fraud by False Representation.  He has admitted to 7 of these offences, however there are links with another 3. A further offender is being looked in to and will be arrested.

We always cooperate closely with the police when we receive reports of fraud. Our terms and conditions make it clear that we will do this. We also publish names, bank account numbers and other details, in order to warn users of other websites.



Comments on 'Fraudster has been charged by Mersey Police'

I was also defrauded by someone in that region last year - I paid for a Blink 182 ticket and it was never delivered. The guy went under the name of James Smith and email address “everythings_too_cold@hotmail.com”

I wonder if that is the same fraudster or whether there is a way I could contact the investigating police unit to give them James Smith’s details?

Posted by bayleyc on 12 Jan 2012      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

Mersey police no. Is 0151 709 6010 if that helps

Posted by Ianevo1975 on 15 Feb 2012      Report abuse or inappropriate comments


It seems all the messages I’m sending to members on your site cannot be read?

Posted by Max1989 on 25 Apr 2013      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

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