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Viagogo loses in Court (again) - Channel 4 exposes how they *really* work

Written on Thu 23 Feb 2012

Channel 4 show Dispatches has defeated an attempt by ticket reselling website Viagogo to get a High Court injunction against it.

Dispatches, which will air on Thursday, 23 February at 9pm, went undercover inside one of the UK’s biggest ticket reselling websites - Viagogo - and found that major promoters allocate hundreds or even thousands of tickets to be sold through their website at well above the face value.

Tickets for recent gigs and tours by Coldplay, Rihanna, Westlife, Take That, and V Festival have been allocated by the promoters in this way.

Dispatches sent reporters undercover inside two major ‘fan-to-fan’ ticket exchange websites to investigate who is selling via their websites and why so many tickets appear at over the face value so soon after the box office sells out.

A Channel 4 spokesperson says: ‘We are pleased that we can now broadcast in full a programme of important public interest. It is disappointing that having provided Viagogo with a fair opportunity to respond to the allegations uncovered by our investigation several weeks ago, they chose instead to seek an injunction which would have effectively stopped the broadcast of our programme.’




Comments on 'Viagogo loses in Court (again) - Channel 4 exposes how they *really* work'

I am disgusted with the people of viagogo and almost livid with outrage after not being able to obtain tickets for the cancer trust Paul McCartney royal Albert gig at 0930 on friday, yet within mins they were appearing on eBay and I find 10 pages of tickets on viagogo, something really should be done.

Rant over and welcome back to scarlet mist, been much missed.

Posted by Harrylemon on 26 Feb 2012      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

These ticket resellers stink!  They are killing live music by making it the preserve of the wealthy.  How many shows have you been to that have been ruined by a bunch of tanked up Hooray Henrys who are not really that interested but go along so that they can say, ‘I was there’ or have been taken on a corporate jolly.  Real music fans are often priced out & unable to get tix at face value which are often quite overpriced already.  Makes me sick!

Posted by Humanoid on 13 Apr 2012      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

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