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Download Festival Fraud—be careful!

Written on Thu 24 May 2012

We saw this posting on Gumtree. Unfortunately the scammers have been using Scarlet Mist too.

Please be warned.

This is my 3rd post and I’ve got more information from you lovely Honest Gumtree users.
What annoys me is Gumtree were quick to remove my ad warning people of this scam, yet left thescammers ads live for 5 days!! In that time they’ve used these accounts to fraudulently scam us out of thousands.
I feel we should place a civil action against Gumtree for poor management.
Please be warned:

John May, Darren ‘PJ’ Lowdon and a Laura from Liverpool are all using these details to sell download tickets.
Mike Quest who is actually Mike Sneldon Cornwall is a new addition to the scam-clan. One gumtree user has told Lloyd TSB
A Liam from Hampshire is also reported as scamming with one of the mobile numbers

Gumtree need to contact the banks and the police and stop the accounts as this is the process, as I learnt via the police.

Halifax Bank
sort code: 11 04 66 A/C: 10263960

Barclays Bank
sort code: 20-68-72 A/C: 40551481

Lloyd TSB
sort code: 876885 A/C: 80720668

Mobile Numbers:
07970154469 - Mike Quest/Sneldon

PLEASE REPORT TO POLICE and cc in lawenforcement[at]gumtree.com

My crime ref number is: 6011291-12

Live scams now (see link below) so thank you Gumtree reporters! You’ve helped remove the scam Only took 5 days, but we’ve done it!.
http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/1-x-adult-ticket-for-download-weekend-arena-3-nights-camping/102924855 - Mike Sneldon - Cornwall

Scarletlist and Craiglist immediately removed the posts - Gumtree are poor.

But keep reporting to me and I’ll do my best to protect the innocent buyers!!



Please remember that Scarlet Mist tries to protect you against fraud by witholding the name/number of the seller until you agree to buy from them.  And please read our advice at http://www.scarletmist.com/index.php/info/#FAQ26

We do not recommend that you send money by bank transfer to a stranger.



Comments on 'Download Festival Fraud—be careful!'

Ive also been the victim of a scam for download tickets on Gumtree, I did a money transfer as he even sent me a link to prove the tickets were real yet no tickets ever arrived-it took me months to save and was an 18th present for my son, am so upset Ive been scammed.

Posted by justclare on 26 May 2012      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

We have received another email about this person who was scammed on Gumtree.

Hi, just read your post about Download scam a little to late im afarid! Sent £1000 4 days ago and just realised its a scam!

They even asked me to send another £500 via Western Union on a Saturday evening as they claimed it hadnt arrived in the bank to secure the tickets and they would refund the Western Union payment when it does! Thats when alarm bells rung but it was to late by then!

Posted by Scarlet Mist Admin on 28 May 2012      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

We have received another report about this scammer which came through Gumtree.

I have just been a victim of a scam for lady gaga tickets being sold through Gum tree. The account details are the same as those shown for the Download festival scam (TSB Account).

The seller is now using the name Jodie Carrington.

My son is gutted, all his pocket money has been lost.

Posted by Scarlet Mist Admin on 21 Jul 2012      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

I was scammed last week for 2 Leeds Festival tickets on gumtree. 


Person called themselves ‘John Williamson’ and see it’s the Lloyds TSB account listed above.

Mobile number was 07833341527

Nasty person!  Frustratingly, I contacted Gumtree the day after I sent the money, after becoming suspicious that it was a scam… and the ad is still live 8 DAYS LATER!!!  Very poor response indeed from Gumtree.

Posted by possom on 22 Aug 2012      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

Seems these lot are at it again, trying to sell tickets for Michael Buble on the mist, in the last week 4 tickets have gone on sale by an Alex Matthews who then passes you to Liam for payment. (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)), then Laura puts 4 tickets on to sell, then off course we have Hannah May trying to sell 4 tickets but make contact with her friend .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) who takes payment.

Am I jumping to conclusions?  No way too much of a coincidence I think

Posted by Annabell on 24 Nov 2013      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

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