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Scarlet Mist sets up Escrow deal with Transpact to protect users against fraud

Written on Sun 09 Jun 2013

Scarlet Mist advises users to meet face-to-face, but we appreciate that sometimes that cannot happen. We are very concerned about the potential risks of fraud, especially for high-value festival tickets.

We have now set up a link with Tranpact.com who provide an escrow service. An escrow service holds the money from the ticket buyer safely until the ticket seller receives the ticket.

We have set this up as a voluntary feature, but we intend shortly to make it mandatory for any transaction over £75 where the buyer and seller cannot meet up. We are hoping that this will help defeat the scumbags who advertise non-existent tickets and then pocket the money and disappear.

We would welcome any comments that you have. There is much more information on our Transpact Escrow Information Page.


Comments on 'Scarlet Mist sets up Escrow deal with Transpact to protect users against fraud'

excellent news, love your site but having been ripped off by crooked sellers and being unable to get any resolution, this should make a big difference, afterall if someone has nothing to hide there is no reason why they shouldnt use the service.

Posted by Harrylemon on 09 Jun 2013      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

I have used Scarlet Mist both to sell and buy tickets and I would recommend the site to anyone who finds themselves unable to attend an event for which they’ve got tickets, as well as those looking to buy from fans rather than touts.

Posted by Richard G on 02 Jul 2013      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

Having been a member for a few years and purchased tickets face-to-face successfully, I was apprehensive when selling a Leeds Festival ticket last week as distance prevented a face-to-face transaction. We used the Transpact escrow service and it worked very efficiently providing security for both parties.

On my initial experience I would recommend for similar transactions.

Posted by Hugh on 20 Aug 2013      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

I had tickets to sell and as the buyer and I were unable to meet we used Transact and it worked fine.

Posted by Arjay on 02 Sep 2013      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

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