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Arctic Monkeys Ticket Scammer -  Liam McMahon, Matthew Burns and Paul Henry

Written on Tue 19 Nov 2013

We have had complaints about a seller who is advertising Arctic Monkeys tickets here. He has used two different names, and has asked people to pay money into his bank account.

The names he has used are Matthew Burns and Paul Henry.

However we think his real name is Liam McMahon - a scammer that has been reported to us many times before.

He has asked for money to be paid in to this bank account

Sort Code 20-03-84   (Barclays, Banbury)
Account 53731669

We strongly discourage payment by bank tranfer because of the risk of fraud.

If there are any Scarlet Mist users working for Barclays then we would appreciate finding out what sort of security checks you take out on your customers.


Comments on 'Arctic Monkeys Ticket Scammer -  Liam McMahon, Matthew Burns and Paul Henry'

If you bought Michael Buble tickets for Glasgow from a person in North Wales who was not able to meet you at the venue in March then I think you may unfortunately be the latest victims.
I had alerts on all 3 dates and the same person was selling 2 for Saturday then 4 for Sunday then another 4 Sunday tickets - I managed to view the SELL thread for each date and he was using the same tactic to try and get people to transfer him money and avoiding questions on sending through email confirmation of tickets being purchased.
I may be doing the guy a dis-service but it looked very SCAMMY to me.

Posted by lgb1969 on 20 Nov 2013      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

I agree with igb1969, a few scams seem to be on the go with tickets to Michael Buble, please don’t pay into bank accounts if seller can’t meet with you or pay securely by Escrow then don’t take that risk.

If I was a seller I would be prepared to meet or accept be Escrow.


Posted by AnnieB on 23 Nov 2013      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

This guy is still at it with the Buble tickets.

Wanted to speak via txt. Gave me his details as Liam McMahon. wanted money transfered to his bank account s/c 11-06-97 acc no 10463567.


Posted by algreen on 28 Nov 2013      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

That’s the sme guy who tried it with me last week, sends great emails trying to make potential buyers feel guilty about disbelieving him given he has never used the sight before, I right, please all scarlet mist users don’t pay into bank accounts but wind them up get the bank account number and send it to the admin team. Report these scammers.

Posted by Annabell on 29 Nov 2013      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

I have been scammed with this guy calling himself liam mcmahon with the same bank details.

I know is was stupid but think I will call the police.

alsi not impressed that scarlet mist do not have been security measures to stop this happening to genuine fans and use paypal for the payments.

think I will stick with ebay from now on :-(

Posted by Kallyman1 on 01 Dec 2013      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

Feel sick reading this. I have paid this guy Liam McMahon £300 on 22 Nov. Same Bank Details. Won’t answer emails or phone calls/texts….Oh God thats my hard earned savings gone…...Will contact Police tonight. Surely his bank can do something…..Gutted :(

Posted by Janmac333 on 02 Dec 2013      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

Liam McMahon has been scamming people since 2006.

In 2006 then he was selling tickets for Elbow and various festivals. He was advertising tickets, taking the money and disappearing.

Scarlet Mist worked with many of the victims, and the police, to help track him down.

In May 2006 we received an email from him:-

This is Liam McMahon.
I’m the idiot who has been plaguing you site with fraud, and I’m formally apologising to you all.
To aid in trying to put my wrongs right, I was wondering if you could forward me the details, or any details you have of the people that have reported my illegal activities to you. This is just so I can try and put things right as soon as humanly possible.
Now that I have effectively ruined my life with my completely insensative and blatenly criminal lifestyle this last year or so, it’s about time I started putting my life back on track and rebuild what little of my life now remains in hope of reaching some form of normality again.
If you can aid the people I’ve stolen from by forwarding any contact details you may have, then please e-mail me immediately.
Thanks, and many many sorrys.
Liam McMahon

Turns out that he hasn’t learned his lesson, he’s not sorry, and he needs to be stopped.

If you have been cheated by this total and utter bastard then please let us know. Please send us your Crime Reference Number (CRN) which the police will issue you with. And if you paid into his bank account then contact his bank and ask them why they don’t carry out security checks on their clients.

Scarlet Mist strongly advises you not to pay by bank transfer or other electronic means for tickets. We provide an Escrow service for your protection.

Posted by Scarlet Mist Admin on 02 Dec 2013      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

Have to question WHY would you trust someone who won’t pay by Escrow or arrange to meet at the venue or a place convenient to both parties. It has SCAM written all over it, I think he is still trying to sell tickets for MB. Take advice from SM Admin and don’t pay into bank accounts. Your providing income for these lazy cheating Bastards!! You know who you are hope you get caught and banged up total scum of the earth.

Posted by Annabell on 03 Dec 2013      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

I recall reading a Jeremy Clarkson article where he published his bank a/c number and sort code on the basis he thought no-one could use it for anything.  Someone then made a £500 donation to the RSPCA and they wouldn’t tell him who as that would have contravened the Data Protection Act.

Now that his bank details are public, someone could quite easily sign him up to pay lots of charities on a monthly basis by direct debit.

Not condoning this type of activity oh no, but If you’ve been cheated by him (Liam not Jeremy Clarkson), maybe restore some karma and help a good cause at the same time smile

Posted by janaka303 on 03 Dec 2013      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

Guys - beware of a person trying to see tickets for the coldplay gig.

His user name is Mikey Flower. He’s selling 2 tickets for half price
He won’t use the recommended online payment system and won’t meet in London in person. He put the tickets up for sale again

Scam all day long. Beware

Posted by Marvellous76 on 09 Dec 2013      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

I contacted this guy Mikey Flower about Coldplay tickets, asked where he lived as I don’t live too far from the county he lives in but he said that he was now in Glasgow for the rest of Christmas!! When I asked about payment he suggested internet transfer. I couldn’t respond straight away and he put the tickets back on sale.
Definitely a scam

Posted by Wendy100 on 09 Dec 2013      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

Thanks for the warnings. You can also click on the REPORT ABUSE link on the page, which will flag up a warning to other users instantly.

Posted by Scarlet Mist Admin on 10 Dec 2013      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

Those who have been scammed may be interested to read this:  http://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/10986766.One_Direction_and_Olly_Murs_fans_targeted_in_ticket_scam/?ref=mr

Liam has been sent down for a couple of years and put on the sex offenders register. I can’t believe its taken this long to catch someone who was using their real name and bank account.

Posted by ALIASALIAS on 05 Feb 2014      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

May be an idea to send details of anything else he has done to Hampshire police.

Posted by ALIASALIAS on 05 Feb 2014      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

He scammed me for £80 for golf tickets. I had no idea about everything else he was doing. When I reported him to the police, I didn’t expect to hear anything back, so when I kept getting regular updates, I figured there must be more to it than just my £80. Delighted he’s behind bars now.

Posted by hamster1234 on 10 Feb 2014      Report abuse or inappropriate comments

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