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Going to a gig with a Scarlet Mate

Scarlet Mist encourages you to go to events with the people you are buying and selling from. We don’t see ourselves like the Tout websites, where you can buy a tickets from a slimeball that you never want to see again. We hope you can find new friends through the site that you can share the music with. There are various ways that you can do this.
If you are part of a large group, and perhaps one of you has dropped out, then you might want to meet up with the person you are selling your ticket to for a drink. You could mention this when you describe your tickets.
You might also have a single spare ticket and be looking for someone to go with you one-on-one. The buyer will accompany you to the gig and spend the evening with you. If you are doing this then we have some additional rules and restrictions. The ticket seller can choose which buyer he or she will sell the ticket to - so you will need to take Offers rather than an Instant Sale - and we only allow you to do this if you are over 18.

Scarlet Mates is an optional feature, and if you prefer to simply sell your ticket without going with the buyer then you can do that instead.

Selling options - Scarlet Mate, Straight Sale, or Can’t Decide

When you sell a ticket on Scarlet Mist you will be given three options:-

If you are specifically looking for someone to go one-on-one then you should choose the first option. You can only do this if you are over 18. The third option (I just want to sell my tickets) is intended for people who are selling tickets and not going to the gig themselves, but if you are going as a group then you should choose this option too. There are no age restrictions on this.

Going one-on-one with a Mate

If a seller indicates that he (or she) is looking for a Scarlet Mate to go one-on-one to the show then they will have to use the Offers process - they cannot opt for an Instant Sale.
The Seller can only select one offer. When they do this then the buyer will be notified, and we will give each of you the other one’s contact details.

If the Seller dawdles and takes too long to accept an offer then the buyer might have made other arrangements or changed their mind. Thats life! Sales made on Scarlet Mist are not legally binding, and we don’t expect buyers to wait around for too long. We encourage sellers to respond quickly to offers. If the buyer is no longer interested then the Seller can take up another offer instead. But they need to be quick.

Privacy and Safety

Going out with a Scarlet Mate might be great fun. But you might also meet someone boring, smelly, grubby or just plain foul. We don’t know who they’ll be. Our general experience is that Scarlet Mist users are a friendly, warm and caring bunch and on balance we hope you’ll make a new friend for life.
We advise you to take care though. In particular we advise you to let someone else know where you’ll be and who you’ll be with. If you have any adverse experiences on a Scarlet Mate then please let us know.
And if you fall in love with someone you met here then please let us know that too.

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